What is the Bridges Program?

Bridges is a rental assistance program that serves persons with a serious mental illness. The ICHRA administers the housing subsidy portion of this program which is combination of grant funds from Minnesota Housing and Itasca County Health & Human Services. Northland Counseling Center (NCC) coordinates support services for the clients. Participants contribute 30% of their income toward rent and the grant subsidizes the remainder. This program provides a temporary subsidy that "bridges" the gap between homelessness, treatment centers, institutional facilities and permanent affordable housing. Bridges participants must apply for and accept a Section 8 HCV when available.


ICHRA administers approximately 30 certificates to house qualified applicants in one through four-bedroom units.

Eligibility and Admission Preferences

The program is open to very low income individuals and families who are at or below the following income guidelines. The guidelines are set by Congress and HUD and are based on the Itasca County median family income adjusted for family size.

Family Size 30% Median 50% Median
(Very low - S8 limits)
1 15,200 25,350
2 17,400 29,000
3 21,330 32,600
4 25,750 36,200
5 30,170 39,100
6 34,590 42,000
7 39,010 44,900
8 43,430 47,800

In addition to meeting income qualifications, the household must have an adult member who has a serious mental illness.

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