House Choice Voucher Waiting List - How to Apply

To Obtain an Application

Please select ONE of the following options:

When You Receive Your Application

  1. Answer all questions completely and accurately on the application and attached forms.
  2. Have all household members age 18 and older sign and date the application.
  3. Mail or bring the forms to:
    Itasca County HRA
    102 NE Third Street, Suite 160
    Grand Rapids, MN 55744
  4. Incomplete or unsigned forms cannot be placed on the waiting list.

While You Wait

  1. Your name will be entered onto the HCV waiting list.
  2. You will receive a letter telling you approximately how long you must wait for an eligibility interview. Waiting time is determined based on your priority (preference) and by the date and time of the application. The waiting list currently averages a two-year wait period for those applications given preference points. For applications that do not receive preference points, the wait period exceeds three years.
  3. You must report any changes of address to ICHRA.
  4. You can check your status on the waiting list after you have received the letter informing you of waiting list placement. To do this you must call: 218-326-7978 ext 0, and leave your name and return phone number.
  5. The HRA will contact you annually regarding your continued interest in the Housing Choice Voucher program. You must respond to this notice or your name will be removed from the waiting list.
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